Unveiling Lunar Mysteries Through Technologies Triumphs- Chandrayaan-3

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Chandrayaan-3, India’s ambitious lunar exploration mission, stands as a testament to the country’s ever-growing prowess in space technology. Building upon the accomplishments of its predecessor, Chandrayaan-2, this follow-on mission aims to demonstrate cutting-edge capabilities in safe landing, roving, and conducting in-situ scientific experiments on the lunar surface. The mission’s components include an indigenous Lander module […]

Unlocking the World: Exploring the Power of India’s Improved Passport Rank

Indian passport, travel, tourism.

The Indian passport has been a gateway to the world for millions of travelers, and its significance has grown exponentially in recent years. The Henley Passport Index 2023 revealed that India has climbed to the 80th spot, a notable improvement from its previous rank of 87.  This elevation in passport power offers exciting opportunities for […]

Twitter Unveils News Trends in logo – A Fresh Look for the Social Media Giant

Twitter, one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, has recently undergone a significant transformation with a change in its logo and branding, reflecting the current news trends in the digital realm. The company announced that it has been acquired by X Corporation, with a strong emphasis on preserving freedom of speech and expression. […]

India’s Ban on Rice Export: Effects on the Global Supply Chain 

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The biggest exporter of rice in the world, India, recently decided to restrict all exports of non-basmati white rice. This action was taken after domestic rice prices rose to multi-year highs as a result of erratic weather that threatened production.  The ban has sparked concerns among Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) in the United States (US) and […]

Can Corona virus be Cured?

Can Corona virus be Cured? The early stages of Corona can be treated. With 1.36 billion population and surging cases of the corona, healthcare infrastructure is facing a challenge. India definitely needs a vaccine to combat this infectious disease. In spite of the fact the fatality rate of India is less compared to the global […]

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