It is yet another significant location for Visakhapatnam’s tourism industry. in all of south Asia, the first of its type. On December 18, 1969, the Kurusura Submarine, an I-641 class submarine manufactured in the Soviet Union, was inducted into the Indian Navy. On February 28, 2001, the ship was decommissioned after 31 years of outstanding service to the NationNation.

The entire submarine, including its arsenal, was brought ashore and placed on a concrete foundation at Gajapathi Raju Marg, Ramakrishna Beach Road, Visakhapatnam. Around Rs. 6.00 crores were spent on the Submarine Museum’s construction in technical cooperation with the Naval Ship Design and Research Center. The submarine is 91.3 meters long. 

The Vice-Chairman authorized VMRDA to enter into an MOU with Naval authorities for the upkeep and maintenance of the Submarine Museum. The Government has ordered that the entire Submarine Museum, along with the surrounding areas developed for the Museum, including the food courts and the open regions, be transferred to VMRDA for upkeep and maintenance of the Submarine Museum and made accessible to the public for display and entertainment.

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The Kurbmarine Museuusura Sum was dedicated to the nation on August 9, 2002, by the honorable chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Sri N. Chandrababu Naidu, and on August 14, VMRDA formally opened it to the general public.  To inform visitors about the background and actions of the Submarineitors, the services of six guides and one curator have been retained from among the retired employees of the Navy. The Submarine Museum is open daily from 4 to 8 PM, with the exception of Mondays, which are closed for repair. The museum is open in the morning from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on all Sundays and public holidays.

The Ever Prestigious Announced

The Indian Navy’s underwater behemoth, INS KURSURA, is situated on the magnificent sands of RK Beach, where the once-preeminent “Submarine Museum” now sits. This project was undertaken by the Eastern Naval Command in collaboration with the National Ship Design and Research Center. The Navy designated this museum, which cost Rs. 5.5 crores to build, as a war memorial. This is the first of its sort in Asia and surpassed it to take second place globally.

The Submarine is acknowledged as the world’s most popular design. The Russian version is 91 meters long, is composed of steel, and during its operational period, it was not hampered by enemy assaults. On December 18, 1969, INS Kursura was given its commission, putting it within the national duty of guarding Indian seas against threats from the enemy.

The Submarine Life:

At INS Satavahana, submarines received intense training in damage control, drills, emergencies, battle tactics, and escape through a vertical (100′)tower.

  • The Submarine is eligible for the famous Dolphin Badge after six months at sea, which is highly coveted.
  • Because space is at a premium in a submarine, equipment, ammunition, and life-saving systems are given precedence.
  • Officers and sailors alternately share a small amount of bed space in hot bunking.
  • A submarine’s daily operations include action stations, maintenance, firing armaments, etc.
  • Two cooks make meals for the entire staff in a kitchen measuring 4’*6″.
  • For a month at sea, the 77 men on board share two washbasins and two toilets.
  • Class: I-641
  • Make: USSR
  • Commissioned: 18 December 1969
  • Length: 91.3 m
  • Breadth: 8.00 m
  • Displacement: 1945 Tons (Surfaced)
  • 2469 Tons (Submerged)
  • Compliment: 08 Officers
  • 69 Sailors
  • Diving depth: 280 meters
  • Speed: 15.5 Knots
  • Propulsion : 3 x Diesel Engines
  • 448 Batteries
  • Torpedoes: 22

Aside from training the great oceans, the submarine’s job also entails controlling the blue waters that deepen into enemy waters. It has 22 torpedoes and can accelerate to about 15.5 knots. After 31 years of outstanding service to the nation, INS Kursura was commissioned on February 28, 2001. It is currently holding back on revealing its spectacular account of her undersea exploits.

Come then and learn the truth about the submarine “INS KURSURA.”

In order to significantly boost the city’s tourism potential, the Eastern Naval Command started a distinguished initiative to establish a unique submarine museum—the first of its kind in Asia—on the beachfront close to the war memorial. 

The submarine museum, “INS Kursura,” is surrounded by the amazing splendor of the blue waves caressing the golden sands of the Vizag coastline. It revives in the minds of actual citizens a sense of sacrifice and patriotism. This museum not only depicts the history of the submarines but also educates us on the struggles that the soldiers went through.

In February 2001, the Navy’s fourth submarine, INS Kursura, was brought ashore. It involved substantial complexity of a very high level and was an engineering marvel. The last stage of the civil works captivated the Museum in every way for routine public inspection. The specific alteration was made to allow tourists to clearly see inside the decommissioned submarine

The submarine is positioned on a concrete platform and, in all of its explicit splendor, imprints its whole arsenal of weapons from the sea on land. Its internal design perfectly complements the natural beauty etched around it. The Museum showcases artifacts, images, and written scripts that commemorate significant moments in the development of submarines.

Its purpose is to showcase the magnificence of the Submarine’s arm and show every aspect of daily life led by those who are a part of it. Another interesting location for pleasure provided by nature is NTR VMRDA Park.

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