Privacy Policy

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personal information you provide to us when using the TraveltoVizag website. The privacy and security of our customers is important to TraveltoVizag, and we take precautions to protect your financial and personal data. When you share personal information with us, we will use all commercially reasonable efforts to keep it secure and secret because we think that your private information should remain just that—private. We are committed to preserving the confidentiality of your personal data.

The kinds of personal data we gather and store:

Information or an opinion that identifies or fairly identifies a specific individual is considered personal information. Generally speaking, Travel the World does not gather private information about you, such as your racial or ethnic origins, political opinions, religious preferences, or health status. However, when providing you with specialized services, we might be compelled to collect sensitive information based on the goods and services you request from us (such as access requirements for a disability).
In order to provide you with our services, we must collect a variety of personal information from you. Depending on which TraveltoVizag travel product you book on and the type of product or service, we will ask for different types of personal information.
We might not be able to offer you the goods, services, or help you need if we can’t get the personal data we need about you. These services require the gathering, use, or disclosure of your personal information.

The following categories of personal information are typically requested from you:
Date of birth,
gender, and
contact information is also included.
details regarding how you used our product or service

Other kinds of personal information, such as: may also be requested of you, depending on the goods or services you select.
• Travel insurance
• Passport reference
• Credit card information

Privacy Policy Promise

Although knowledge is the cornerstone of our ability to provide top-notch service, the trust of our clients is our most precious asset. At TraveltoVizag, maintaining the security of customer information and only using it as requested by clients is a key priority. So, the following is our pledge to you, our clients:

Any information that one of our clients chooses to share with us will always be kept private and confidential.

In order to provide our customers with exceptional service—which includes informing them about our products, services, and other opportunities and managing our business—we will keep the gathering and use of customer information to a minimum.

We shall restrict access to the information to only those workers who have been authorized and appropriately educated to handle customer information. Employees who break our Privacy Promise will be disciplined according to our standard procedures.

Unless we have already informed the customer in disclosures or agreements, or unless it is required by law, we will not disclose customer information to any other entity.

The responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of our customers’ data shall always rest with us. However, we might give that information to a firm if a customer shows interest in its service or goods. Please be aware that this privacy statement does not apply to how these other companies use consumer information.

Every time we contract with a third party to offer support services, we will demand that they adhere to our privacy standards and for us to audit them to ensure compliance.

We’ll make an effort to keep customer files correct, current, and complete. Except as forbidden by law, we shall advise our clients of how and where they can conveniently access their information, as well as how to report any errors, which we will fix right away.


“Cookies” are used on our websites to provide you with a number of services. A cookie is a little amount of information that a website transmits to your browser and then saves on your computer or another device with access to the Internet. Session cookies and persistent cookies are the two main categories of cookies. As soon as you visit one of our websites, a session cookie is temporarily stored on your computer or other device. In spite of visiting our websites, a persistent cookie will stay on your device for the time frame or timespan stated in the cookie.
In general, cookies make it possible for the websites you are visiting to communicate with your device more effectively. For a variety of purposes, including maintaining and improving the functionality of our websites, tracking user preferences and product requirements to customise our websites, and focusing and enhancing the relevance of advertising or marketing, TraveltoVizag uses cookies to collect and use information. We might also have a deal with someone else who will utilize our cookies to make our advertising on other websites more relevant to you. To manage cookies, visit your browser’s settings. These options could include disabling cookies altogether or selectively, rejecting all cookies, or receiving notifications if cookies are used.

The reasons for gathering personal data

In order to:
• identify you and provide you with our goods and services, including occasionally informing you of new goods and services and promotions; collect your personal information.
• comprehend your needs and offer you a product or service;
• establishing, running, and managing our products and services;
• learn more about you, your requirements, your habits, and how you connect with us so that we can conduct product and service research, establish business strategies, and manage the delivery of our services and goods through the channels of communication with you.


We keep the personally identifying information you provide us on servers with limited access. We’ll keep taking security measures to protect these systems and your personally identifiable information.

Transfers over the Internet

Since the Internet is a global environment, using it to gather and handle personal data necessitates sending data across borders. Therefore, you accept and agree to our use of personal data in this manner by using and corresponding with us electronically.

Modifications to Policy

This privacy policy could change at any time. Please check back frequently since we’ll let you know if anything changes. But be assured that even if this Privacy Policy changes in the future, we won’t use the personal information you’ve provided to us under this Privacy Policy without first receiving your permission in a way that materially violates it.

Questions and Comments

If you have any inquiries, remarks, or worries concerning our privacy policy, kindly get in contact with us.

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