Gigantic one year ruling of AP Chief Minister: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy:

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is marked as the 17th and current Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. He is also the founder & President of the YSR Congress Party, one of the largest regional parties in India. 

The man who is ceaselessly in service for his people and is regarded as a mass leader. From his debut in politics back in 2009 till now, he has stood up for various causes & worked immensely for the welfare of each & every section of the society.

His high spirited speeches on the course of his 3648km long Praja Sankalpa Yatra across Andhra Pradesh have roused and held the attention of lakhs of people. As a result of which, in the General & Assembly elections in 2019, the YSR Congress Party won with a thumping majority, a record-breaking victory in the history of Andhra Pradesh. 

On 30th May 2019, YS Jagan took oath as the Chief Minister, and since then he has been fulfilling his promises and the aspirations of the people; and keeping Andhra at the forefront of development & welfare.

Initial milestones:

Mr. Jagan Mohan Reddy gave a clear message at the very beginning, of widening his social base by forming a Cabinet with five Deputy Chief Ministers, all from BC, SC and ST communities and appointing a Dalit woman leader as the Home Minister.

Along with his welfare schemes, Mr. Reddy also put in place a ward/village secretariat system aimed at bringing governance closer to the people. More than 5 lakh ward and village volunteers were appointed besides village/ward secretaries. This not only saved the time but also made work easier as volunteers could reach out to a huge number of masses at a time.

AP YSR Government Schemes 2019 [CM Jagan Mohan Reddy Navaratnalu]

Navaratnalu Schemes List 2019 aims majorly for farmers, the housing sector, healthcare, pension & overall welfare of the state.

The AP govt. will implement all the schemes which were promised in Navaratnalu of the YSR Congress. In the AP Budget 2019-20, the state govt. has made allocation for various welfare schemes as announced in CM Jagan Mohan Reddy Navaratnalu. 

The primary focus of AP govt schemes is on enhancing the quality of life of its citizens. This will be done through high-quality education and healthcare, increased productivity in agriculture and allied activities, creation of Employment by promoting Electronics and IT, etc.

As a whole, the state govt. wants to ensure good governance to its people. No one must be deprived of basic facilities and can earn their livelihood in a decent manner.

AP YSR Govt 9 Schemes List [Navaratnalu 2019]

Here is the complete list of Navaratna welfare schemes (9 Sarkari Yojana) promised by CM YSR Jagan Mohan Reddy:-



  1. YSR Rythu Bharosa


The YSRCP promises to offer Rs 50,000 financial assistance to farmers. Starting the second year, each farmer’s family would be given Rs 12,500 per year, in addition to zero-interest loans and free bore wells. Cold storages and food processing units in every constituency are among a list of benefits promised to the farmers.


    2.Fee Reimbursement


The party, if elect into power, plans to provide a comprehensive fee reimbursement scheme, in line with late Chief Minister Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s vision. In addition to complete fee reimbursement, an allowance of Rs 20,000 would be given to every student.




The Arogyasri scheme would be applicable to all medical treatments of above Rs 1,000. Regardless of the location of the hospital, all medical expenses would be borne by the government.




Under this scheme, lakhs of families would be benefited from the irrigation projects. Completion of the Polavaram project on a war footing is promised.


     5.Ban on Alcohol


The YSRCP promises to put in place a ban on the sale of alcohol across the State in three stages.

     6.Amma Vodi

With a view to encouraging the families with school-going children, the YSRCP promises to provide Rs 15,000 towards assistance to all the mothers who send their children to school.

     7.YSR Asara 

All loans pertaining to the women’s co-operative societies would be waived. In addition, zero-interest loans would be issued.YSR Cheyoothathrough YSR Cheyootha, the YSRCP intends to support all women from SC, ST, BC, and Minority Communities, who are aged above 45.


    8.Paydalandariki Illu


In five years, the YSRCP promises to build 25lakh homes for the poor.

    9.Pension Pempu

The eligibility age criteria of 65 years for the pensions would be reduced to 60 years. Senior citizens aged above 60 will be given rupees 2,000 while the physically challenged would be given a pension of rupees 3,000.

Furthermore, the state govt. has also started other schemes like AP Surya Shakti Scheme to promote the installation of solar panels on subsidy and various other schemes. The Andhra Pradesh govt. also launched an innovative public-private partnership called Rajiv Yuva Kiranalu (RYK) to promote youth employment.

Even during the novel coronavirus outbreak, Andhra’s village secretaries have emerged as frontline workers, tracking and monitoring positive cases and foreign returnees.

The Andhra Pradesh government also cited the establishment of English-medium schools with basic amenities and Rythu Bharosa Kendra to cater to farmers’ needs as some of its achievements along with YSR Janata Bazaars and YSR 24/7 Clinics.

During the ‘Our Governance and Your Suggestions’ event on Monday, CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy spoke extensively on governance and welfare as the key agendas of his government. “During my 14-month 3,648 km padayatra, various sections of people shared their woes with me and this made me think that unless a system is transparent and corruption-free, the poorer sections cannot benefit,” he said.

The chief minister also said that he provided 4 lakh jobs in village and ward secretariats within four months of taking the oath. “No government has ever provided so many jobs in such a small span of time,” CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said, adding that over 82 percent of the jobs were secured by SC, STs, BCs, and minorities.