President Donald Trump has been emphasizing on his statements time and again in the past few months whenever he had come forward to answer the questions posed by the press that China has used covid-19 as a bioweapon to become a world power shortly and he also bashed China publically for their incompetency in handling this whole covid-19 situation. 

All these allegations might be true because all the super minds throughout the world have been working their tails off to develop a vaccine for covid-19 but have stated that primarily it would take at least 12-18 months to build the vaccine meanwhile the Chinese scientists have come forward and claimed that they had developed a prevention vaccine against this virus named PicoVacc which is a inactivate covid-19 vaccine made by a biotech firm called Sinovacc. 

They also stated that their first couple of tests on monkeys were immensely successful and gave them satisfactory results. The experiment included vaccinating a few rhesus macaques( species of monkey ) affected by this virus for three weeks to which the immune system of the monkeys responded pretty well by developing antibodies against the virus. Neither of them had a full-blown infection in their lungs by the end of the experiment, while the monkeys who were not vaccinated had developed severe pneumonia.

But still, many virologists are stating that the frequency of the tests conducted using this vaccine is too small to consider this vaccine relevant for mass production while some others are saying that this is a breakthrough in vaccine production. 

Nevertheless, this has brought a ray of hope for us. Still, the very fact that the Chinese were able to develop the vaccine so quickly has been intriguing to scientists around the world, which has further raised even more allegations. But at the end of the day, citizens all around the world want a vaccine to be developed and get rid of this lockdown as soon as possible.