The Nationwide lockdown in India was further extended by 2 weeks on May 3rd by PM Narendra Modi since the total number of positive cases had already hit the 40000 marks and the corona virus death toll was 1389. 11000 patients had completely recovered from this virus. The central government classified all the districts throughout India into 3 zones namely-

1) Red zone-

Districts where there are a huge number of reported cases and the growth rate is also high, come under this zone. In these zones, little to no activity will be allowed and a complete lock-down will be followed. Currently, there are 130 districts in India that come under red zones.

2) Orange zone-

Areas, where there is a limited number of cases, are marked under this zone. There will be slight ease in the restrictions imposed and a few necessary activities will be allowed. Around 284 districts come under the Orange zone.

3) Green zone-

Areas that have not reported even a single positive case are classified as green zones. 319 districts are classified as green zones.
Almost all the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, and Bangalore had most of their districts under the red zone. Arunachal Pradesh had the highest number of green zones throughout India while Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra have the highest number of red zones. During the recent meeting of all the Chief ministers and Prime Minister, it was collectively decided that liquor shops will be allowed to function because it is a huge source of revenue and would help to run the economic wheel in these tough times. This decision has turned out to be a nightmare for the govt. because the citizens violated all the social distancing lockdowns making themselves even more vulnerable to this novel virus. This hasn’t been effective in curbing the disease but has definitely helped in improving the doubling rate!

Is the coronavirus disease more severe than the flu?

Coronaviruses belong to a family of virus that usually cause various diseases in animals. The wet market in Wuhan was involved in illegal trading of animals like bats, snakes, marmots, rabbits, and other wild animals. So it is believed that the virus got transmitted from these animals especially bats to the stallholders at the market and later got spread to other people. The virus is also known as a severe acute respiratory syndrome or (SARS-CoV-2). This virus mainly causes respiratory illness in human beings.

Is headache a symptom of the Coronavirus disease?

The The most common signs or symptoms that can be observed in a person affected with Coronavirus include headache, dry cough, fever, and breathing problems. These symptoms are mild ones and are observed at the initial stage. However, in some cases, it can even cause pneumonia and bronchitis. This virus can severely affect the old aged people and the people who are already suffering from some kind of respiratory illness.

Can COVID-19 be passed from a woman to her unborn or newborn baby?

Coronavirus spreads from person to person when in close contact with each other. When a person is affected by this virus, coughs, or sneezes, the liquid substances or the respiratory droplets get transferred to another person probably due to close body contact or a handshake. This virus stays on various surfaces as well. So, if a person touches these surfaces and then puts the same hand on the nose, mouth, or eyes, they will get affected by this harmful virus. It is still not known whether coronavirus can get transmitted from a woman to her unborn baby. But there are chances of transmission post-delivery.

The Viral does

Do you know that the severity of COVID-19 also depends on the viral dose? Confused? Well, according to the viral experts, initial low doses of virus leads to mild or asymptomatic infections. If the viral dose is large, it can be very dangerous even to a person with a strong immune system. The viral dose is usually more when you come in direct contact with an infected person. So always wear your mask if you go out to buy any groceries and wash your hands thoroughly.


If you observe any sign or symptom of the COVID-19 disease, then you should probably talk to your doctor and get yourself diagnosed. For the diagnosis, a long swab is used to take a nasal sample. This sample is sent to the lab for testing. Your cough ( sputum ) can also be sent to the lab.

How to protect yourselves from Coronavirus?

We intend to touch a lot of things around us which may have disease-causing germs. These harmful germs can enter our bodies when we touch our mouth, eyes, or nose without washing our hands. So to protect yourself, it is important to wash your hands with soap or a liquid hand wash, thoroughly for about 20 seconds. Washing your hands after every 2 hours will keep your hands clean and germ-free. You can also use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to clean your hands. Apart from this, try to maintain a distance of about 2 meters from sick people.
Are masks effective against the coronavirus disease?
Always wear a mask when you step out of your house to buy grocery items or medicines. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Following all the precautions properly will protect you from Coronavirus. So, stay home and be safe. Many people are going crazy for hand sanitizers but it’s absolutely fine if you just use a normal soap for washing your hands. Just make sure you do it thoroughly!
How long does coronavirus live on clothes?
Researchers are saying that Coronavirus can live for up to 3 days on clothes. Don’t forget to clean the outer cover and the screen of your phone. Since most of us are busy with our phones during this quarantine and touch our phones often, it’s better to keep them very clean. Not only our mobile phones, but also other things that we frequently use have to be washed properly or at least cleaned using a sanitizer and cloth. Always use gloves while you open anything delivered to you from outside, especially your groceries. Please avoid eating raw veggies. It’s better to boil them and eat, at least during this difficult period. Try your best to avoid chicken and other meats. But in case you really feel like eating, then make sure you wash the meat thoroughly and cook it properly before consuming.
Even after following everything and taking precautions, it’s possible to get infected accidentally. Don’t panic and go mad thinking about the disease. Some people have successfully recovered from COVID-19 because of their strong immune system. If you have one, then kudos! But don’t be overconfident because your immune system can still fail if the virus does is very high as discussed before. So, follow all the safety measures and eat right to build your immunity.
Some recipes you can try at home to build your immunity during the lock down-

  1. Immunity drink:

    You can prepare this drink using simple kitchen ingredients. Just blend some beetroot, carrots, celery, ginger, orange, red apple, and half a teaspoon of turmeric. This drink should be consumed in the morning hours with your breakfast. Drinking only this for your breakfast is also fine! It will provide a powerful dose of all the vitamins and minerals.
  2. Veggie omelet:

    This recipe is super easy to prepare and the best option to stay healthy and fit. You would need 2 eggs and some boiled veggies. The vegetables can be of your choice but make sure you cut them into fine pieces after boiling. Take a bowl and add the boiled vegetables in it. Add the whole eggs (Both yolk and egg white). Add some salt, black pepper powder and finely chopped coriander for the taste. Mix all the ingredients well. Heat a non-stick pan and add some butter or oil. Pour the mixture onto it and cook until the center of the omelet looks dry.
  3. Garlic milk:

    This recipe is a great immunity booster. You would need turmeric, garlic, and black pepper. Add half a teaspoon of turmeric, 2-3 crushed garlic cloves, and a pinch of black pepper powder to a glass of hot milk. The milk should be very hot while you add the other ingredients. Drink it when it becomes warm. It is better to consume this garlic milk just before you go to bed.

Don’t panic and lose hope. It’s all in your hands, so make sure you follow all the safety measures. Together we can destroy this virus if we maintain social distance and remain in our houses until things turn normal again. Stay home, stay safe!