Pink Eye Alert in India: Conjunctivitis Spreading Like Wildfire!

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Pink eye, commonly known as conjunctivitis, is a common eye disease defined by conjunctival inflammation, the transparent tissue lining the inside surface of the eyelids and the outer coating of the eye. Various factors, such as viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other irritants, can cause this condition.  This article will delve deeper into the causes, symptoms, […]

Sky Fruit: Your Natural Solution for Balanced Health and Wellness

Welcome, your ultimate guide to exploring the breathtaking beauty and wellness in Visakhapatnam! Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to a unique and incredible product that will not only help you control sugar levels but also provide a range of health benefits. Join us as we delve into the wonders of Sky Fruit […]


Hello friends! Are you not able to lose weight even after diet and exercising regularly? Well, there might be an issue with your eating habits!  A proper and healthy diet is something you need to follow. Apart from this, having good knowledge about what not to eat during the course of dieting and exercising is […]

Coronavirus Third Wave in Kids and MIS-C

Coronavirus third wave in kids: what parents should know? While the second wave of COVID-19 is decreasing in India, the question is what happens in the third wave. Are children at higher risk during the third wave being discussed these days? In general, COVID-19 is a mild illness in children due to a variety of […]

8 Amazing Benefits Of Walking You Did Not Know

It’s Coronavirus time, and we all have been working from home, right! Due to the extension of lockdown, many of us have put on a lot of weight. Don’t you agree? If you say no, then you better check your pressure and also, your mirror. Well, your mirror knows better! But did you know that […]

Best Multi specialty Hospitals  in Visakhapatnam

One of the oldest port cities and industrial hubs in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is Visakhapatnam, popularly known as Vizag. It has beautiful beaches as well as numerous top-notch medical facilities. Below is a list of Visakhapatnam’s top 10 medical facilities. Apollo Health City Hospital Ram Nagar, Visakhapatnam Open 24×7 Highlights Omni Rk […]

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