The subject of solo travel confidence comes up repeatedly. People are concerned about their safety, their capability to seem confident, and what it would indicate if they do not. There is also the issue of last-minute nerves before boarding the plane, train, and bus and not knowing how to handle things in a hurry on moving to a tourist destination.

Yes, the idea of a solo vacation might be thrilling, but it can be stressful when the time comes to departure.

So how does one go about gaining and keeping that confidence? Here are some suggestions.

1.Do some research.

The more knowledgeable you are about your destination, the more assured you will feel. Take a look at a map of your location to get a sense of how it is set up. So that you know how you’ll get around, research the cost of taxis and the availability of local transportation. Understanding the currency and exchange rate will enable you to rapidly calculate the price in your own currency in your head.Get some language skills so you can communicate. Plan out your first day or two so that you know how to spend them.

2.Make reservations for your first few nights’ stay. 

Your lodging is a haven of safety. Booking a place with excellent recommendations before you depart will ensure a smooth arrival, whether it’s a hotel, hostel or apartment. Arrive in the afternoon to give yourself time to make changes if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

3. Find your friend.

When you’re feeling anxious, chat with pals who are excited about your planned tours and travel and avoid those who are just neutral or even critical. Those travellers will encourage you and help you gain confidence for solo travel.

4. Identify a local contact.

Remember the concept of six degrees of separation? That figure was calculated using snail mail, long before Facebook. You probably have a friend of a friend somewhere in the world who is local and whom you could meet for coffee or contact if you are feeling anxious.

A Indian solo traveller’s armour is confidence. Lack of confidence makes you appear to be an easy target for scammers or other troublemakers. Being self-assured causes such people to look elsewhere.

Know that you are incredible.

Know that you are incredible. Many people are still surprised when they meet someone who is travelling alone. They believe you are powerful. You are exotic to them. Think and know it, and your body language will reflect it without any effort.


 A worried expression on your face does not convey confidence. A smile is enough. Use it

Walk with your head up and alert

 Walk with your head up and alert. Maintain a strong stance. Raise your neck, as if stretching your spine. Pull your shoulders back slightly to broaden them. Walk side to side and in front of you, appearing to be very alert of your surroundings. Scanning your surroundings at a café or other public space is a good idea. Pickpockets and other criminals may avoid you if you appear to be attentive to your surroundings. Protect Yourself from Pickpockets: Keep Your Cards and Cash Safe.

Make direct eye contact. 

Make eye contact when talking with someone so that they know you are a strong person. In general, avoid making eye contact, but don’t close your eyes either.

Maintain your determination.

Stand steady, keep your feet apart (up to 12 inches) and your weight properly distributed. When chatting with someone, turn to face them directly to project confidence.

Take up the room.

Sit back in your chair and, if available, use the armrests. Resist the impulse to fidget with your hands or fold your arms under your armpits. As you speak, place your hands on your hips or use them to highlight a point. Lean against a wall without slouching against it. This gives the impression that you own the space. “Power posing” refers to all of this.

Be yourself.

Be yourself. This is probably the toughest aspect. Do everything listed above as though it were second nature to you.

Be gentle with yourself.

Take things slowly at first. Sit, observe, and learn how things work before following the rhythm of your destination. Knowledge allows you to travel alone with confidence.

Return Home More Confident

One’s self-esteem grows stronger with each trip

  • Travel solely to achieve your goals
  •  Be spontaneous and grab any rare opportunities that come your way
  • take advantage of being alone

Confidence comes from understanding yourself and your own abilities. Solo travel can undoubtedly assist with this. It provides the ability and liberty to:

When you travel alone and are completely responsible for yourself, you will undoubtedly discover how capable you are. You will acquire solo travel confidence as you push your boundaries, whether it’s going to a restaurant alone for the first time or traveling to a nation where you don’t speak the language. Your confidence in your ability to make excellent decisions will improve as you make decisions about your journey, day, and meals.

It’s not about what people see in you when you travel alone; it’s about what you see in yourself. And what you observe will boost your self-esteem.