Hello friends! Are you not able to lose weight even after diet and exercising regularly? Well, there might be an issue with your eating habits!  A proper and healthy diet is something you need to follow. Apart from this, having good knowledge about what not to eat during the course of dieting and exercising is important. This way you will lose weight and your body will get fat to fit in no time.

So what foods should you avoid when on a diet? Watch this video to know about the top 7 unhealthy food that you need to exclude from your diet. 

  • Sugary Beverages

Beverages like fruit juice, carbonated drinks, and sports drinks have very high sugar content and contain considerably low amounts of nutrients. Consumption of these beverages will add up extra calories and you will eventually end up gaining some extra pounds instead of losing it. Moreover, these drinks if consumed in excess, can adversely affect your health. So, these beverages are a strict no while dieting.

  • Fried Foods

Well, who doesn’t love a pile of French fries or perfectly fried hash browns?! Fried foods are really difficult to resist, but foods like this are very high in calories. Moreover they don’t make your tummy feel full and so you end up eating the whole pile or even more than that.

Also these foods are high in cholesterol and a few studies have proved that foods like this may contain cancer-causing substances. So now you know fried stuff is something you need to avoid while dieting and exercising!

  • Bakery Foods

Freshly baked cakes, pastries, white bread, and cookies might be delicious and tempting, but they are packed with all the unhealthy ingredients like sugar, artificial trans-fats, and refined flour. These foods are again high in calories and very low in nutrients.

Also, eating one or two pieces of cookies or pastries would not satisfy your hunger and very soon, you will start to feel hungry all over again. This will increase your daily calorie intake and you will end up gaining more weight. If you are serious about your diet and exercise, then completely avoid bakery food items.

  • Candies, Chocolates and Ice Creams

Candies, chocolates, and ice creams are the unhealthy foods. They are a mixture of high amounts of sugar, unhealthy oils, refined flour, and harmful preservatives. These foods are very high in calories and consuming them in a large quantity regularly will not only increase your body weight, but also cause various skin and health problems. To avoid this junk completely when on a diet.

  • Pizzas and Burgers

Fast foods like pizzas and burgers are very popular and loved by all. But these foods especially the commercial ones contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients like refined flour, tasting salt, processed meats, and cheese. These foods have a lot of calories and very low nutritional value. Stay away from fast foods if you want to lose some extra pounds. 

  • Fancy Coffee Drinks

Coffee indeed contains biologically active substances like caffeine which helps to speed up your metabolism and burn fat. So having a bullet coffee before exercise is good. However, fancy coffee drinks have a lot of unhealthy ingredients like artificial cream, sugar, and chocolate flakes. These ingredients make a normal coffee drink taste delicious but at the same time have a lot of negative effects on your health. Also it is loaded with calories so consuming these drinks would make you fat instead of fit.

  • Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks especially beer has high amounts of sugar, no protein, and fiber and are calorie-dense. Excessive consumption of alcohol would lead to gaining more weight. It will also lead to water retention causing other serious health problems. Drinking in moderation is fine, but when on a proper diet, it is better to avoid alcoholic drinks completely.

So, these were the top 7 unhealthy foods that you need to avoid while dieting and exercising. Trying to lose weight by maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise regime is difficult. So take it to step by step and try your best to avoid all the unhealthy foods discussed in this video and in this way you will definitely become fit.