Vizag’s bustling residential district is home to everything from multi-cuisine eateries to quaint cafés and active food carts. But what really jumps out is the delicious street cuisine that is offered close to MVP Circle. This culinary street confirms that it is deserving of the buzz with a variety of South Indian breakfast selections and spicy Chinese meals. We advise you to sample the soft phulkas and chicken kebabs with a variety of mouthwatering curries. Don’t forget to taste the soul-satisfying chutneys and melt-in-your-mouth Aaviri Kudumu in any of the nighttime tiffin stands.

Dum Tea of Vizag

When the weather is dreary, everyone immediately thinks about some hot tea. Better than having one in your usual adda around the corner. has the dum tea at this stand in MVP Colony, next to AS Raja Grounds. Unique in taste and appearance makes the ideal pick on any dreary day, and is especially better when it is raining.

Ramanaidu Studios, the Bean Board

If you’re wondering why we’re suggesting a coffee shop, keep reading. This café on top of a hill gives the best hot chocolate and the nicest view of the city for anyone who does not enjoy caffeine in any form. The ride to the mountain’s summit on a gloomy day would be the ideal method to take advantage of Vizag’s rainy season. Your new favorite hangout spot will be the open seating area because there are so many more alternatives there.

Mr Samosa 

This food truck, which can be found on RK Beach Road close to the well-known YMCA, offers distinctive samosas for you to enjoy during the monsoon season. This hot snack, which comes in both paneer and chicken varieties, goes best with a cup of aromatic tea. Sit on the benches that have been thoughtfully positioned in the sand as you take in the ocean view.

Jaipur Sweet Stall  

This little, pleasant store is located in Allipuram and is well-known for its mouthwatering jalebis. Watching some freshly produced jalebis being dipped in sugar syrup in front of you is the best thing ever. Rain is ideal for eating; trust us, the flavor improves!

Bismillah Noodles 

Noodles, the preferred street meal of Vizagites, can be purchased from any roadside vendor in the city. Visit Bismillah Noodles in Maharani Peta, next to the Collectorate, if you’re looking for the greatest, though. With both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available, there is something for everyone. At night, be sure to arrive early because they sell out quickly.

MVP Colony, Tiffins in the early morning

The morning and evening food vendors in MVP Colony are well-known. These food stands on the streets will become your go-to places for morning meals because they provide the tastiest idli, vada, and onion dosa. After a great morning walk, go to the food street to recharge for the remainder of the day.

Chowdary Mess 

This monsoon season, you must visit the Chowdary Mess if you enjoy traveling the “naatu” method. It’s important to acknowledge the underappreciated pairing of rain and spicy food. You won’t be disappointed if you try one of their many well-known seafood appetizers. On the way to Bheemili, in Thimmapuram, is where you’ll find the Chowdary Mess.